Laura Ingersoll Secord: Canadian History

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Laura Ingersoll Secord Early Life Many women have contributed to the overall development of what is now known as Canadian history. Several individuals commonly link Laura Secord with tasteful chocolate and ice cream, but many Canadians are unaware of the struggles and triumphs this woman has gone through to be recognized as a heroine of Canada. Laura Ingersoll carried on a difficult childhood, as she took on many roles, including the significant responsibility of a caregiver to her siblings. Ingersoll was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts on September 13, 1775. She was born to Thomas and Elizabeth Ingersoll during a time of independence within the United States, known as The American Revolution. Laura Ingersoll faced the devastating hardship of losing her mother at the age of eight. Shortly after the death of his wife Elizabeth, Thomas remarried and designated the welfare…show more content…
Thomas Ingersoll opened a tavern and had a readily available source of help with Laura and the rest of her siblings. James Secord was a daily client who would enter the tavern, who in turn had fallen in love with Laura Secord. The couple then married two years after in 1798 and had five children. Laura Secord’s husband James was a sergeant in the army who had gone missing in the battle of Queenston Heights. Laura had searched for James Secord and discovered that he had been brutally wounded, and from that point Laura Secord would take on the responsibility of nursing her husband. The war continued and neither the Americans nor the British had secure control. In June 1813, American officers had forced there way into the Secord’s home and demanded their services. During their stay Laura Secord had overheard a conversation during their meal about a surprise attack on the British and their troops that was lead by Lieutenant James

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