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Laura Amato is a transgendered male. She was born as a male child on April 19th, 1949. Her mother was taking a drug called DES, which is a synthetic estrogen hormone that was primarily used to lower the risk of miscarriage. Laura’s mother was taking DES during a critical fetal period. From the 13th week through the 21st week, she was taking the synthetic estrogen. While the fetus was male, he should have been creating the male hormone testosterone in his brain, yet his mother was flooding it out with estrogen. That may or may not be the cause of Laura believing he is a female. Laura grew up with many negative feelings towards males due to the way he was treated by the males in his life. He was beaten up whenever he went to school because the male children…show more content…
The researchers are focusing on children, and how to make their lives better in the long run. The researchers are also focusing on ways to truly make the transgendered person become the opposite sex. I don’t believe it will be very long before transgendered men will be able to get pregnant and carry a child to term. Transgender females may also be able to produce sperm one day. Not very long ago, women were discriminated against just because of their gender. Women were considered to be less than men in many ways. Women were not allowed to vote, and were paid less. Men owned their women, not much different than slavery. Blacks were also discriminated against, they were treated worse than whites, both male and female. Whites did many horrible things to the blacks that they owned as slaves. They raped, beat and even killed the slaves. As a country we have come so far and crossed many barriers. Men, women, and all races are treated equally. Why can’t we go a little further and accept sexual differences as well? Transgendered people are no different than anyone else, except they are suffering in secret, about something that was out of their

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