Launching the Bmw Z3 Roadster

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A Report on Launching the BMW Z3 Roadster -Submitted by: Group 2B Situation Analysis BMW was planning to launch the Z3 branch with an idea to rejuvenate BMW and expand the franchise by positioning the Z3 with emphasis on American culture and setting it into the hearts and minds of people. Non-traditional media, which is more cost efficient per dollar spent as compared to traditional media, was widely used for promotion. For initial launch of Z3 Roadster, BMW entered in deal negotiation with MGM/United Artist on the James Bond Golden Eye film. BMW/MGM successfully co-launched their film and car in this non-traditional product placement. This was perceived as the best way of brand building. The final pre-launch marketing plan also included other elements of marketing so as to generate an emotional response. These included catalogue offers, featuring own website, large public relation events, TV shows and a radio DJ program. The success of the pre-launch program created a pre-booking of around 9000 Z3 by December 1995 as compared to 5000 projected. The dilemma here is to sustain the hype created by the first phase of the campaign, and not to lose the infatuated feelings of the customers. This alone can get the proper benefits of the first phase, as otherwise the benefits of word-of-mouth would be lost. (Exhibit 1 shows how the customer’s awareness of a product can be converted to an actual purchase) Recommendations Initial excitement and buzz created by non-traditional marketing campaign of Phase-I must be maintained over the next six months otherwise the whole impact of phase-I would be lost (Exhibit 2 shows the variation of excitement levels over time). To maintain the desired trajectory, following are the recommendations: A. Celebrity Endorsement: Make Pierce Brosnan as the permanent face of the Roadster in order to keep the excitement alive. As the new

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