Laughing Boy Essay

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In the novel Laughing Boy, there is interesting dialects between to cultures, that of the Native Americans and the new settlers of America called “whites.” The story goes on with the battles that these very different cultures face, as Laughing Boy and Slim Girl decide to become married. With the different cultures behind them, they learn to appreciate each other, despite the way they where raised. The story depicts the two cultures and puts them on a one society bases, as these two are married and live together as one. The world going on around them, and the way of life can not stop these two profound people, living on the edge of life. Slim Girl one of the characters in this book is the wife of laughing Boy, but it was not always this way. When she was a child she was taken away by white minorities to come and live in a European culture. She is put in school and learns the new costumes that this society is based on. As she goes on she must battle these two societies, one that was in the past and the other right now. Her choices are made in her best interest; she only does what is essential in order to live. Searching for a partner, she finally finds Laughing Boy, who is a Navajo Indian. With this new man, she must hide her past, not revealing her true self. Only to come to her end when she is murdered by a jealous white man, that wanted her as his own. The Navajo Indians believed that in the universe there exists an almighty or spiritual force that is the source of all life. The almighty belief is not pictured as a man in the sky, but is believed to be formless and exist in the universe. They lived as earthly people, using the land as a sacred place, and only using what was necessarily needed in order to survive. The art work that they create is a way to reach there spiritual place, using it as a way of worship. Using these ways, as a way of life, is
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