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Latino Studies 102 Research Paper Illegal immigration effect on Latinos in the U.S. United States immigration has always been a popular topic, however, ever since the early to mid 1900s the immigration flow has been astronomical. The term “illegal immigration” refers to a person who has entered a country without legal authorization. This paper will show the relevance of illegal immigration into the U.S. and the effect it has on the Latino’s in the Unites States. The Latino population is made up of different countries, cultures, and varieties. The pattern of migration has been from Latino countries such as El Salvador, Argentina, Spain, and Columbia. The Latino population immigrates to the U.S. very excessively and there are records of Latinos settling in this part of North America that date back into the 1620s. Alternatively, other Latino cultures settled in the United States because of wars, economic downturns, and harsh regimes. The most rapid movement of the Latino population into the United States started in 1970s. There were a few immigration movements before 1970 that involved the Latino population. In 1917, the Woodrow Wilson put the “Jones Shafroth Act” into effect. Once this was enacted, the Puerto Ricans generated a large influx of immigrants to the U.S. because of military and economical reasons. The act declared the island of Puerto Rico as a U.S. territory, which began a huge Puerto Rican influx in the United States. During World War II, Franklin Roosevelt issued the Bracero program, which gave Mexican immigrants the right to work in the United States. There were many other issues that came about during the 1900s that formulated our Latino population such as Fidel Castro’s reign in Cuba, and the new situation with the Ecuador. With this brief history of Latino immigration into the United States, this paper will give insight into how illegal

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