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Angelica Pecina Latino Experience paper IGS 305 March 22, 2011 People have different viewpoints of who should be admitted or reside, legally or illegally in the United States. I truly believe that if some of the people in high positions would just listen to a few stories about people who weren’t born in the United States, they would probably feel a bit more empathetic towards them. As I interviewed to separate people of a Mexican Origin, I found that although there are a few similarities between their stories, but there are drastic differences between both of their experiences upon coming to the United States. The first person who I interviewed was a gentleman who I met at a Mexican Restaurant called Casa Fiesta. I was surprised…show more content…
He experience is very different than Joe’s was. It started when Daisy’s parents wanted to come to the U.S.; they lived in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Daisy was only five when her parents brought them to Florida and quickly adjusted themselves to jobs using their skills. Daisy’s mother was a very good salesperson, so she meets a Cuban man who owned a jewelry store and became a vendor for him. Her father was very good with cars, and found a nearby job working at a shop as a mechanics assistant. The mechanic who owned the shop and Daisy’s father communicated with mostly informal sign language being that the owner of the shop knew very little Spanish and Daisy’s father very little to no Spanish. Daisy quickly caught on in school, teachers often said that she was very advanced for her age and learned the English language fairly quick. The family stayed in Florida for fifteen years but later decided that they wanted to go back to their country and along they dragged Daisy with them; it was very disappointing to her because she had only one year left until she graduated high school. Daisy’s parents put their foot down, so off they went to Mexico. Daisy tried to finish her last year’s in “Prepa” high school in Mexico but it was very hard for her due to her Spanish writing and reading skills weren’t were they should be being that she studied in the united states for all of her life, or since she…show more content…
In the case of these two people, all they really longed for was a better job and an education. They were given that upon coming to the United States. Both of these individuals who I interviewed longed to come to the U.S, although their reasons and experience were both different. If they would have never come to the United States, they know that they would never have had or accomplished what they have in the United States. They were given a chance to work, and to have more liberties than they ever could have had in

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