Latin Women Pray Analysis

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Culture & Identity Short Paper “Latin Women Pray,” defines the culture of not only Latin women but Latin people in general. A lot of religious people only explore their religion and no other religion or church for that matter. Latin’s just appreciate the higher spirit of God and they pray and practice wherever there is one. Because of the barrier that they have anyways, the only thing that can get through that is faith. So whether a statue is understood or the meaning of candles burning around it is clear, the one thing that is true and in common is God. In this poem the message to me is as follows: “Just because you adopt a way of worship from other cultures does not mean that you have no identity it means that you just want to do…show more content…
This passage in so many ways is offensive and attacking. It points out a sense of disloyalty to their culture, putting them in a negative light. On the other hand that may depend on whose reading it. It could also show the diversity of their culture compared to other cultures. Reading this I envisioned the Latin women praying in a serene temple with huge incents and candles. The poem definitely did its job impacting imagery. The second passage, “And this Great White Father, Imperturbable in his marble pedestal, Looks down upon his brown daughters, Votive candles shining like lust, In his all seeing eyes, Unmoved by their persistent prayers, reveals a sense of powerlessness. These Spanish speaking women are praying to as God who they can only pray understands them. Although this may be the case, again their faith over rules a skepticism. They turn their power less hand to the faith of the Lord in all cases. The last stanza says, “Yet year after year, Before his image they kneel, Margarita Josefina Maria and Isabel, All fervently hoping, That if not omnipotent, At least he be bilingual. This merely is saying as they pray if all of their prayers are answered or not they hope that he hears them and understands them. Again speaking in a spiritual
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