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The Latin Kings in America I’ll never forget the day it all changed for Nestor Gomez. It was a beautiful April Saturday in Milwaukee, and we were getting ready for one of the biggest soccer games of our young careers. I set out to pick Nestor up at 9:30 am, for our pre-game ritual. Pancakes at Ma Fischer’s Diner, then out to the game. Whether it was a home game in Milwaukee, or a three hour drive to Madison, Green Bay, Chicago, Indy or Detroit it was always me, Nestor, and pancakes at Ma’s. My mind raced thinking about the game and the moment at hand on the twenty-five minute drive to Nestor’s house on the South Side. I’d been painfully nervous for a few days before the State Cup Final, but not Nestor. Nestor was cool, always collected and…show more content…
A useful and accurate source of information that I used was from the History Channel’s show Gangland, and their special hour long episode specifically pertaining to the Latin Kings, as well as using documented reports from the National Gang Crime Research Center’s George W. Knox. It is widely believed that the Latin Kings were formed in the 1940’s, during World War II. As the demand for industrial workers grew, the United States government decided to ease immigration laws, and thousands upon thousands of Latino’s flocked to Chicago in need of work. This new influx of workers was not greeted warmly by large portions of the population, who saw the competition as a potential danger to their livelihood (New York Latin Kings, Gangland, History Channel). Oppressed and alone, the Latino population of Chicago banned together and created the Latin Kings, claiming that gang life was a place where “Even a common man could be a king, as long as they were a Latin king.” (Knox, Latin Kings gang profile). Puerto Ricans represent a large portion of the Latin King population, and have been there sense the discrimination of those days. In his article From “Gang Bangers to Urban Revolutionaries: The Young Lords of Chicago” Judson Jeffries writes that “While Chicago in some ways offered opportunities to Puerto Ricans, discrimination thwarted their progress… And because Puerto Ricans were relatively small in population and did not vote in large numbers, they were unable to elect representation…” (Jeffries 289). The Latin Kings were originally formed to overcome racism and make a better life for a Latino man or woman, but soon turned into a criminal enterprise moving anything from guns, to weapons, to women in the sex trade. When researching The Latin

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