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1) Discuss the racial composition (racial groups) of Colonial Latin America. The racial dynamics of colonial Latin America first began many centuries ago when new colonies were first discovered and wars were being fought for the power of ownership. The racial group’s origin was tabulated by “Racial Definition”. For instance: A person of mixed white descent especially Spanish and Portuguese were called Mestizo, and Amerindian descent was a person of American Indian descent. A white person was considered European descent. The Black person was a African descent, and Mulatto person of mixed white and black descent, and the last was a Zambo person of mixed black and American Indian descent. The ratio of men to women was greater which led to race mixing. The Mestizo’ was a mixture of Spanish (Spain) and Indians. Local families/Spanish seeking to ascend the socioeconomic ladder would often inter-marry to be a part of the elite status. There was some intermingling of the different racial groups but very rarely were there any Indians. Whites might marry Mestizos and Mestizos might marry Indians. The racial composition during the colonial times affected Mexico the worst. It defined what Mexico was as a society.r Poverty persisted among the vast majority of the population. Mexico’s social structure had a direct effect from the wars. In the late 1820’s the New Government issued a decree expelling all Spaniards from Mexico, which deprived Mexico economy of an important source of capital. The central foundation of economic activity in Colonial Latin America was Indian labor. Wars, diseases, and the acquisition of status led to the mixing of races. Poverty persisted among the vast majority of the population, especially in the center, and the south. Mexico had a classic peasantry large mass of campesinos or country people who worked out meager livings from the land. 2)

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