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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Latin America and the world Introduction Nearing the 20th century, nations that had Latin Americans experienced economic challenges in relation to more powerful economic classes (Leopoldo 200). The Latin America had a distinct feature on its social factors which was influenced by its political independence. They mostly depended on the western investments to grow their economy, since they were vulnerable to changes in the world system. This was later accompanied by political and cultural enslavement in the nationalized life. Social justice, economic sanctuary and cultural sovereignty were hard to acquire by the Latin Americans, hence they began adopting ideas from the foreign nations. Urban growth and immigration ware at the increase due to the rise of agriculture and industrial development. As a result, there was immergence of the urban classes which opted to merge with the political movement (Leopoldo 200). In water for chocolate, the author starts in Mexico City where, the character named Tita, is introduced. It is the tale of a youthful girl who had barely celebrated her 15th birthday, to the instance of her life when she was at the age of 39. In the foremost chapter, the author demonstrates the need of obligation and accountability, as it was the main conflict that Tita faced. Tita was at a dilemma as her family required her to decline Pedro’s marriage proposal, since they required her to stay put in the house so hat she could take care of her widowed mother eternally. This was like consent specified to her by the culture, which anticipated her to complete the chore of helpingl for her widowed mother. The issue of gender based unfairness was portrayed in the Latin society in that century, as Tita was clearly denied her opportunity to marry the man she always loved, Pedro. Another instance of gender inequality arises as we

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