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Latin 1 Writing Assignment #1 “Escaping Pompeii” Mt. Vesuvius was making strange noises and the smoke was coming out from top in different colors on August 23. My family looks at me to decide what to do. My grandmother tells us that the volcano will erupt and we must get out from here. I decided to gather my family, important belongings, and try to escape from Pompeii before Mt. Vesuvius erupts. The three reason why my family decided to leave from Pompeii were my family trusted my grandmother and she saw an earthquake that cause of this quake, so she know better than us, it was too dangerous and maybe my family can die, and it was rumbling, shaking, and smoke was coming out with different colors. First reason is we listen to my grandmother because she knows what’s better for our family; she has seen the earthquake that has cause of this quake. My grandmother sound very serious and frighten. We believe her and start to pack up our important things like food, water, tent, wallet, clothes, and other things. Sometime we should listen to your grandmother, maybe she is right, and she is old too. She knows more things about life. Another reason we want to leave because it is too dangerous to live and maybe we can die. If the Mt. Vesuvius erupts the hot lava going to come out and burn our body. It was too dangerous to live because the town was shaking and it can damage the whole town including hospitals, buildings, houses, schools, and everything. Our house burns and we don’t have any place to live. Third reason it was rumbling, shuddering, smoke was coming out with different colors, and we can’t even see things. Even if you stayed the ashes from the atmosphere could cause my grandma to die because she's old and her lungs don’t work as properly as they used to. So basically it wouldn't be good for her health. If the town is shaking and rumbling, the roads will have

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