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Latian American Cultural Diversity Essay

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Latin American Cultural Diversity
If you talk about Latin American cultural you are talking about a large wide variety of individuals who speak Spanish. Many of these individuals come from Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico just to name a few places. In the Latin American culture with a more a focus on Mexicans patterns and issues that relate to American culture and its own culture. Many speak Spanish, have strong Family ties, a variety of foods, and are of Catholic religion. With a vast variety of background the Mexican culture can have many opportunities and of course like many Americans can face obstacles as well.  
Defining Mexicans
Mexicans are born and raised in Mexico. The Mexican culture speaks mostly the Spanish language. Spanish is defined as a language that was brought from Spain. A majority of Mexicans are Catholic because that is what their family and ancestors have taught them. They are bound to the Catholic religion based solely on their past. The families are known for keeping together through good and bad. They are of large numbers back in the early 20’s and 30’s women had 10 to 11 children. This was to help out in the farm and to ensure the children would bring income to the family as they grew. Many Mexicans enjoy the usual beans and rice with almost every meal. This is because beans and rice were very cheap and affordable that it was placed in every dish for eating. Women usually are not allowed to work as the husband is the individual who brings the bread home. Music and the art are defined with lots of tone and deeper inner thoughts.
Some of the opportunities Mexicans have that have Americanized themselves are astonishing. The current economy is based on bilingual individuals. Allowing Mexicans an opportunity at better pay, better work and better work environment. It allows them to pursue a better education and developing themselves in a culture that is fast paced as the American culture is. Being able to change the cycle of...

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