Lather And Nothing Else & Modash: Hernando Tellez

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Lather and Nothing Else—Hernando Tellez • Complete the following questions in sentence/paragraph form. • All answers MUST show evidence of thoughtful, meaningful reading. • Answer ALL QUESTIONS immediately below the question itself—make sure there is one space above and below each question. • Erase the number which comes before your answer so that only the questions are numbered. • When you are finished answering the questions, edit your answers for spelling and grammar. • Submit work to the Hand-in Folder. Short Answer: 1. In a two-column chart, list the barber’s mental arguments for and against killing (use quotations to support your answer). 2. a. Find the sentence near the end of the story which contains the words of the title. This is…show more content…
Did the barber make the right decision? Justify your response. 3. In your own words, define “la violencia”. 4. What side is the barber on in the country’s dispute? 5. What had Torres previously ordered (before coming to the barber’s shop)? 6. According to Torres, what will happen at six in the evening? 7. How does the author (Tellez) create suspense in the story? 8. Explain the significance of the following quotations. a. “My fate hangs on the edge of this razor blade.” b. “And this was indeed a special customer.” c. “But it’s not easy to kill. I know what I’m talking about.” Character Sketch: A character sketch is a written analysis of a character detailing physical characteristics, as well as personality traits. It is usually done by providing descriptive words, which will illustrate the character's traits, and by giving examples (quotes) from the story which support each of those traits. In one (1) well written paragraphs, complete two of the following using Parsons as your subject

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