Later Adulthood Development Essay

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Later Adulthood Development Report Kanika Harris BSHS/325 August 20, 2014 Maria Perrotta Later Adulthood Development Report Sitting around thinking about growing old can sometimes be depressing; especially if your day to day routine was not very exciting. Not many young adults stop to consider plans for the later adulthood stage of their life. According to an online article “Correspondingly, the proportion of teens who expect to achieve financial independence by the ages of 18-24 has plummeted, from 75% in 2011 to 59% today” (White, 2013). As you can see the number is decreasing slowly but surely. Still we have many that do not even plan to make it in their young adult years; why stress the fact of later adulthood. Stop and think; could this be the reason some of the elderly have a tough time trying to maintain stability in society; not to factor in illness? This report will discuss changes in role and social position during later adulthood development, comparing living accommodations such as accessibility and the need for health care; it will cover and illustrate the adjustments and transitions from work to retirement, as well as describe changes in marriage, family, and peer relationships, and identify social policies that affect the older adult. Changes in Role and Social Position In later adulthood individuals can expect changes in role and social positions especially when it comes time for retirement. All their lives they have worked; some have prepared for retirement and others begin to stress the fact of not know what to do after retirement; specifically to continue to make ends meet. According to an online article “In later life, many older adults have few prescribed roles- most are no longer employed for pay and few are responsible for young children. But the fact that society provides few norms for later life may also mean

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