Lateness In Canada

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This paper should be handed in during the regularly scheduled lecture to avoid penalty. Only illness or family calamity will be accepted as excuses for tardy submission of work. Late penalties will be calculated at the rate of 2% per day of lateness. The following two guides to historical research techniques may be of assistance: Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations, (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1993) William Storey and Towser Jones, Writing History: A Guide for Canadian Students (Don Mills, Oxford University Press, 2008) 1. Compare the Conservative Party of Macdonald, 1867-1891, to the Liberal Party of Laurier, 1896-1911. How were the two parties alike on the questions of French-English…show more content…
Why did the 1960s bring an increase in tensions between French and English Canada? 16. Why did the two world wars favour domestic reform in Canada? 17. Why have the native peoples emerged from obscurity since 1960? 18. Why have Canadian political leaders been so preoccupied with constitutional change since 1980? 19. “The women’s suffrage movement was not concerned with the liberation of females but with strengthening and extending their traditional roles.” Do you agree? 20. Explain Canada’s policy towards the aboriginals of the Northwest and the reactions of the native peoples to that policy, 1870-1900. 21. Sir John A. Macdonald may have been “drunk and dishonest” to quote one notable historian, but his leadership and policies were essential to the survival of Canada in its formative period. Do you agree or disagree? Why? 22. Many terms have been used to describe Louis Riel: visionary, rebel, Father of Confederation, criminal and traitor. Which of these do you feel is the most accurate? Why? 23. “Henri Bourassa was a brilliant critic and fervent nationalist. As a politician he was a complete failure.” Do you think this is a fair comment?
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