The Last Spin

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Gemma McPherson The Last Spin “The Last Spin” is an effective and powerful story written by Evan Hunter. The story is set in America where there are two boys, Tigo and Dave, sitting in a basement. Both boys have been caught up in a gang dispute and have been made to settle the disagreement by playing Russian roulette. The story’s tension and suspense is created by the way the writer conveys the boys’ relationship between themselves and the gangs. In the opening paragraph, Evan Hunter creates an immediate tension because of the use of two words; “boy” and “enemy”: “The boy sitting opposite him was his enemy.” This is an effective and important part of the story because all the information you need is in the one paragraph and instantly tells the reader there is conflict between the two boys. The shortness of this one paragraph and the juxtaposition of the two words also increase the tension. The writer also used “boy” and “enemy” to make the reader question themselves over what ages the two boys are. “Boy” suggests they are both young but “enemy” meaning they might be slightly older. As the story develops into the second paragraph, Hunter makes the conflict more obvious by telling us more information about the boys: “The jacket told Dave that Tigo was his enemy.” By saying about the jackets, this represents that there is definitely rivalry between the two gangs and they are being used as uniforms for each gang. The word “enemy” also reappears in this part of the sentence which relates back to what age the boys really are. To maintain the tension through out the next few paragraphs, the writer shows the reader the uneasy conversation between Tigo and Dave: “…So this ain’t nothing personal with me. Whichever way it turns out, like…” Tigo tries to be friendly and relaxed with Dave but Dave remains hostile throughout the beginning of their conversation.
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