The Last Spin

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The Last Spin "The Last Spin" is a short story written by Evan Hunter in 1961. It's written about two boys from rival gangs, Tigo and Dave, who were picked to settle an argument by playing russian roulette after a shooting at a candy shop. During the story they started to realise that they actually had a lot in common and gradually became friends. Towards the end they decide to call it quits and go for one last shot but it all ends horribly when Dave dies. The story is set in a dark and eerie basement which i though was a good setting as there was no other distractions and the sound carried out well every time the gun clicked. I think that Hunter was trying to get people to think about issues like these. The main thing he talked about was peer pressure. I think he tried to do this bygiving detailed descriptions of the two main characters and the horrible situation they were faced with. After reading this I think that Hunter did a good job putting his point accross. I think that Dave could tell that Tigp was an enemy at probably just a glimpse of him. "He wore a green and silk jacket with an orange strip on each sleeve. The jacket shrieked "Enemy, enemy!" " To them, enemies meant seperate gangs, seperate teritory, and staying well away from eachother. That was important because if they ever didnt abide by the rules then they probably would have been in loads of trouble. They didn't even generally like the rest of their gangs. This didnt stop them from doing what the gangs told them to though. "This is what the club said. This is how the club said we should settle it." It was in no means a good way of settling it, playing russian roulette, but they went ahead with it anyway simply because "This is what the club said". Whatever was to happen someone would die. They clearly didnt mean much to the rest of their gangs if everyone knew this and they
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