The Last Refuge Summary

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Curran S. Lee September 10th 2007 Dr. Chris Haley FYE 101 Writing Assignment 1 Summary of the Last Refuge David W. Orr is an accomplished and reputable environmentalist that has been on the cutting edge of ecological and political change throughout the world to date. In Orr’s novel The Last Refuge: Patriotism, politics and the environment in an age of terror” the pressing and controversial issues of environmentalism, slander and corrupt politics are analyzed in a truly refreshing manner. David Orr begins his novel by first addressing the issues which he believes have led America to the unfortunate state that it currently resides in. This problem is essentially the adoption of religion into matters that would regularly be dealt with by the state only. More specifically he targets the group that he believes has been a detrimental factor to the Bush administration; Evangelists. David Orr describes this group of individuals as a minority of Americans that have been able to rule over the majority due to the mix between state and religion. The effort of these Evangelist’s has been to return America to an almost puritan nation; and have consequently led to dangerously minimal change in our democracy. This attitude of keeping the status quo has been achieved in a number of ways. David Orr describes a variety of high ranking members of society that range from heads of churches to owners of news stations as extreme conservatives who have aided in the republicans attempt to slander the meaning of the word liberal. The mere mentioning of liberal in today’s media arises a vengeful feeling throughout the majority of the population today. This is because the vast percentage of the media in our nation is controlled or directly affected by the over whelming conservative business owners. These institutions have been affective at creating a believable either/or fallacy
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