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The main protagonist in The Last of the Mohicans is Hawkeye, but his real name is Nathaniel Bumppo. He gained the nickname Hawkeye for his skills as a marksman and was also given the name La Longue Carabine, or The Long Rifle. He is very close to his rifle, which he calls Killdeer, which is why it’s notable when he offers it to Magua as a trade, along with his own life, for Cora. He was considered a frontier hero and also a woodsman. His skill as a hunter is what made him a famous marksman and his experience as a scout help on his journey to find the Munro sisters. He cherished his friendship with Uncas and Chingachgook, who were the last two Mohican Indians of their tribe. Hawkeye has a unique background where it has difficulties of both Indian and White culture. With these two cultures, he has both productive and disturbingly racist convictions. His way of thinking is therefore seen as a bit controversial as on one instance, he makes judgment without regarding the race or individuality of others and on another instance; he was torn apart as he objects to interracial sexual desire. He condemned the romancing that was blooming between Cora Munro and Uncas because he saw that it was doomed from the beginning for failure. He was like a father figure to Incas and was a dear friend of his and he didn’t want to see him hurt by a doomed relationship. Hawkeye found a more homey feeling in the forest rather than in civilization. He lived with the chief Chingachgook whose friendship he strongly respected and valued. Living in the forest helped to develop his scouting skills. He became a good asset for both parties he was in due to his intelligence of a fox and knowledge of white and Indian people. His true abilities were shown when he helped Duncan Hayward escort the Munro sisters to Fort Henry. While escorting them however, the Huron chief that Mugua posted himself to pose

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