Last Man Standing Essay

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Last Man Standing I still remember that day just like yesterday. It was the last day of the school year and the beginning of summer. I was so happy that day for it was my last day at Taha-Baker primary school. It was the school that disgusts me and that I hate the most because it was not an ordinary primary school; it was more like a Nazi camp. Most of the teachers were ex-soldiers and the school's principal was a retired military officer. I did not want to go that school, but I had no choice because Taha-Baker was the closest school to my house. Also, I tried to transfer to a different school, but my family could not afford money for transportation. Today, as I remember the look of the principal’s eyes, I know that what I did was right. I stood against his brutal dictatorship. The school walls were very high; they were four yards high. They were painted white and black and on the top of the walls there were barbed wires to prevent students from running away from the school. The fence surrounding the exercise yard was solidly covered and prevented students from seeing into the distance. Also, the play yard had a large, green, stinky and ugly swamp full of tadpoles in the winter and hot dirt in the summer. In addition, the school had only one gate; it was three yards wide and four yards high. The gate was open all the time. However, no one dared to get close enough to it because it was located in front of the principal’s office. Inside the school was not that much different than the outside. Classrooms were painted gray with broken windows and yellow tiles. The classroom was small with twice as many students as it could contain, but no one cared since we did not have chairs and tables to sit and write at. I remember when we used to sit on the yellow, frozen tiles in the winter. So many students had diarrhea after the second or the third day of school and

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