Last Man on Earth

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ENGLISH ASSESSMENT Imagine; a world where everything you’ve ever known, loved and despised was… gone, where any chance of survival was at a minimum, where you haven’t seen or heard from another human since the ‘incident’ : I am the last one, I am the only thing keeping mankind from extinction. Washington D.C. A mega state. Trembling. Choking. Breaking under its own weight. The war had caused a mind blowing explosion, felt in every corner of the world. The sun came down, burnt everything, and everyone. The Earth is now an irradiated wasteland. Over seven billion lives lost, no more citizens living in fear, in fact, no citizens at all. Nothing. Crushed, puzzled and confused, distraught I didn’t really know what I should do or where I was going. I was just moving from place to place, trying to stay alive. Then one day I heard this voice, it’s like it was coming from within me. The voice told me to travel west, that a path would be laid before me. I’d be led to a place, where I’d be safe, away from the catastrophic mess of a state. Most importantly I’d be protected against anything or anyone that tried to stand in my way. That was twenty two years ago and I’ve been walking ever since. I was terrified: the journey I was on was surpassing everything I thought it would be. Morning had broken, and so had I. The road slowly rolled out before me as I descended further into my journey. Gnarled and malnourished plants either side of me, as an icy wind tore away the last of the leaves. I peered out of my once comforting blanket and saw what I had feared most: death, destruction and disruption. Already on a quest to find another human, I knew my chances had slimmed, yet again. Destroyed. A once lively and bustling city I belonged in was destroyed. I had been destroyed. I had reached what seems to look like a radio station. I knew I wouldn’t get a response, but I still tried.
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