Last Judgement Essay

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Imagine painting a 196m (squared) area with a tiny brush that just gives you the tiniest bit of paint. With your back still aching from the previous painting of the ceiling and your spinal cord damaged, you’re now standing in one place for 4 years painting a fresco for a church. No one is listening to your complaints about not wanting to be a painter, you’re in the age where you’re contemplating when you’re going to die; just waiting for it to happen and the things you paint start to make you over analyse what path is ahead of you and become a more pessimistic person. This isn’t a relatable topic but the thought of standing in one place for 4 years could give you mental issues. Good afternoon 9b history class and Mr Baird. If you haven’t guessed from my hints above, today I will be talking about the mural Michelangelo painted in the Sistine Chapel called the ‘Last Judgement’. To give a brief outlook on the fresco; it is a painting that Michelangelo painted in the Renaissance that depicted the second coming of Christ where he will judge all of mankind. It is where the souls of the human race rise and descend to their fate. It is painted on the altar wall in the Sistine Chapel, which took around 4 years to create the masterpiece. Each section on the fresco is filled with emotion but it just seems to be one emotion. You can see in the painting on Christ’s right where the dead are swirling and rising heavenward and towards his left we can see souls being pulled downwards but demons that appear to be human with grotesque animal ears, horns and grey, green and blue skin. What’s worse is the enjoyment in their facial expressions to hurt the damned. Through technology you can’t see the texture and the way Michelangelo painted it, but you can see so much from the little that has been given to us. Before Michelangelo began to paint this fresco, he got the wall to
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