Last.Fm as a Useful Tool for Music Lovers Essay

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With the development and expansion of the Internet, many hobbies and preoccupations of modern people have gained a new dimension. The Internet allows enthusiasts to unite to share their excitement about trends, to communicate and share experiences. Specialized websites provide users with even more information about their subjects of interest and help discover new boundaries of their passions. This refers to movies, arts, modeling, programming, literature and to music as well. One can hardly find a person who would not be listening to music on the way to work, at home, or elsewhere. There are plenty of websites which allow music lovers to stay in touch with the news relating to their hobby. One such website is a mix of a social network and an Internet-radio that tracks down the music its users listen to. This website is of great benefit for music enthusiasts and besides, it has a number of advantages compared to other sources providing similar services (Opus 23). The design of gives a welcoming impression, though some might find it too minimalistic. The site is displayed in red tones, with the possibility of switching it to a black skin and, despite the quantity of information, is easy to understand and navigate. Users can also decorate their profiles with pictures of themselves, all kinds of badges, diagrams, tag clouds and statistics relating to music. The availability of multiple functions also speaks in favor of One of its significant advantages over many other musical websites is the function of so-called scrobbling, which means tracking down the music that one had been listening to (Opus 202). This technology is convenient and definitely helpful for music lovers. With its aid, searches for people with similar musical preferences and shows one a list of those whose interests match to some extent. These people are called

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