Last Day on the Job

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The Future Last Day on the Job Everyone who has had a job looks forward to the day that they can retire. I can’t even imagine how great it would feel to go to work for my last day. It would probably be a day of mixed emotions, because I would hope I will be doing something I enjoy as a job. It will probably be hard to leave all the co-workers who I would have worked with for so many years. After college, it would be nice to get a good job and stay there until the day I retire. Depending on the income at my job, the age I retire would probably be somewhere around 65 years old. This will depend on how much money I’m able to save over the years. The Day after My Last Day on the Job The day after I am officially retired will probably start off with me sleeping later than usual. This may be hard because I will have gotten into the routine of waking up for work at a certain time. Most people would like to say that they have big plans for their first official day of retirement, but it would probably be a very awkward day of trying to figure out what to do. Realistically, the first day will probably involve a lot of loafing around and watching television. I will probably take a few days to get used to the idea that I am really retired and then will start thinking of things to occupy my time. Travel One of the main things I look forward to after retirement is having the resources and time to travel outside of the United States. The first place I would like to travel to would have to be Germany. It would be great to be there during Oktoberfest and be a part of the celebration. I’ve always wanted to go to Germany because I have a lot of German heritage and I find their culture interesting. Last year I was able to visit Italy and Spain and I had a great time there. It would be great if I could visit there again after I retire from my job. The best places to travel

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