Lassi Modules Essay

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Many college students have a serious problem with anxiety. The Lassi module of Anxiety helps students to realize how to reduce stress from a day to day basis. By reducing and/ or even eliminating anxiety, the student is more able and willing to participate in courses, and complete the course work assigned as homework. Taking tests and doing other quizzes and in class work, is much harder for one who is diagnosed with anxiety. Clinical studies show that students who are free from anxiety, and other physiological illness, are more likely to achieve more than those who are going through the tragedy. Reaching a goal and being able to make it happen starts within this Lassi module. The base of any human starts with their attitude and whether it may be positive or negative. “Being successful at anything begins with a positive attitude.” The Lassi module shows an example: when Lance Armstrong, while fighting cancer, drove on with a positive attitude regardless of the condition he was in he knew that being negative or having a poor attitude would not help his situation whatsoever. Without that strive and desire to do something to benefit his life, he wouldn’t have been able to fight through what would have been the hardest time of his life. No matter what you do, everything starts and begins with attitude. Within you and your outlooks on life and the complete desire and motivation of yourself is when you can determine your own attitude, and decide for yourself if that is the best decision or outcome that you can possibly make. Your view and desire to appreciate school (college) and what is involved in it, shows your commitment level and how you are going to go about passing the course. College is all about how you decide to put your attitude to use. If you appreciate what is being taught to you in each course and realize that in some way, you are going to use that

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