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SAMPLE ARTICLE Title : Printers for industrial labeling Text : Industrial labels are widely used in industries mainly to code or specify each product that is produced, or even to tag the items in the inventory. These labels are printed in specialized printers know as an industrial labeling printer. These printers come in various sizes and specifications, and are best suitable for an industrial application. These printers are specially designed in accordance to the specified standards of industries and can help you in saving huge amount of time. These printers are used exclusively for printing industrial labels and cannot be used for any other applications. The basic printing process is the same as any other printer, but the main difference is that these printers can be fed with rolls of labels. The rolls are used up as the printing is done, and can be easily replaced. These printers usually print at 300 dots per inch and can print bar codes efficiently and very effectively. The label requirements vary from one industry to another as there may not be any standards to specify the type of label to be used. Even in such cases these industrial labels are very useful, as these printers can be easily connected to the personal computer using an Ethernet port and the desired design can be easily loaded to the printer. In certain applications, there could be need of printing in various colors according to various industrial color codes. In such cases, many other printers are available in the market to meet the customer needs. The only difference of this printer is that in addition to the black ink, various other colors will be available according to the standards of the

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