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Lasers in Medicine Essay

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Below is an essay on "Lasers in Medicine" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Tristan Barriere                                                                                                                                                         09.05.2012

There are many different uses for lasers, some of which we encounter every day, and others that are rarely used. There are many different types of lasers, as some have different purposes than others, I will explain the most used one thoroughly later on. Laser is kind of an “all-rounder” it can be used in everyday life, for military purposes, for industry or for medical treatment. I will explain the uses of laser in medicine, and the effects it has on its environment such as social issues, economic issues, political issues etc. I will also explain how lasers are built, out of what, and why they are so useful for a wide variety of things.

Uses of Diode Lasers:
The diode Laser is the most common Laser as it comes to use in everyday life. It is the least powerful laser, and can therefore be used by every responsible person. We encounter it every day: When we go to the Supermarket the barcode scanners use diode laser, when we put a Disc into a computer the reader uses diode laser, when we watch a DVD the DVD player uses diode laser, or when we list to a CD then the CD player too uses diode lasers. We encounter it all the time actively without noticing, and even more often passively: Computer and television frames are cut out with Lasers, for example, everything that is too hard to cut accurately can be done perfectly using Lasers etc. and therefore we get in contact with lasers all the time.

How laser diodes are built:
This picture shows across-section of a Semiconductor Laser diode, its different layers and the substances and materials used.
As you can see on this diagram, Laser diodes like this one, have combined elements which react to one another to create this form of high power light. There is one metal plate on the top and one on the bottom. Between these two all the...

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