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Laser Printers Essay

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Laser printers

Student: Andrej Grmšek
Lecturer: Nataša Sikošek, MA
Study year: 2012
Course: Professional terminology in English

November 2012

Abstract 3
Printers 3
Laser Printers 4
History of laser printer 4
How do laser printers work 4
How do color laser printers work 5
LED laser printers 5
Coding for laser printers 6
Conclusion 6
Sources 7

There is much talk about the colorful future, so to speak, where the paper will no longer be needed. It should be dominated with electronic documents which would be prepared and reviewed with word processors and other programs on the screens of monitors and sent from place to place by e-mail. The idea is by no means bad, but in many cases it is more comfortable to read a few pages of printed materials as to staring at it on the monitor. Electronic documents, together with all possibilities offered (sound effects, video, animation and rich color illustrations), are really attractive, but everything we write does not need to be decorated. In addition, electronic document can be read only if a computer is at hand. If a computer is not available, hard copies are very welcome, even though during the reading we cannot enjoy the sound recordings and illustrations but only still images. For that, the hard copy, we need a printer.
The printer is an output device that transforms coded data from the computer to human perceivable form, text and / or image, which is printed on paper or another for printing suitable basis. Print quality depends on the type of printer and on its quality. Before we buy a printer, we must ask ourselves what we print, how often we print and what quantity as well as how much money we are willing to spend for the printer. First, we need to decide which type of printer we will use, because there are several types of printers. The most...

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