Laser Hair Removal Essay

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Laser hair removal has become a well-known routine among the public. Within 2009 it was the third most common nonsurgical procedure after botox and hyaluronic acid injection (2). Through the safe procedure performed by the qualified dermal therapist, laser hair removal will provide a long-term hair deduction in the particular area. This article will mainly focus on the case study of 33 years old women, which having the first ruby laser (694nm) that is diagnosed getting the first degree burns. In the first part, the article will examine the possible reasons that caused the skin burn. Secondly, it will focus on the pre-treatment strategy, followed by the post treatment plan, and lastly will discuss about alternative treatment using ruby 964nm. First of all, laser hair removal is made based on the principle of photothermolysis. The Melanin as a target chromophore can be found in the hair follicle, hair bulge and hair shaft. In the correct stage of hair growth, which in anagen, the hair is fully filled with the melanin and the follicle in fully attached to the blood supply which at the proliferation stage will absorb the light optimumly. Moreover, cooling method in the laser machine help to protect the tissue surrounding by lower the temperature of the skin. By adjusting the parameters such as the pulse duration, fluence, and wavelength in to the right position, it will optimally destruct the hair follicle and minimize the dermal damage. Furthermore, the destruction of the hair follicle can be achieved by three mechanisms. Firstly, from the photothermal, which the light in specific wavelength (600- 1100nm) is absorb by the melanin and heat up the hair shaft. Secondly, through the photomechanical it works by photoacoustic shock waves produce when the very short-pulsed duration and high energy is used. Both of them will result destruction of the bulb of the hair

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