Lars Von Trier As Auteur

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Lars Von Trier Lars Von Trier, an important and prominent Danish Auteur director once said in an interview that “for (him), stealing from the cinema is like using letters of the alphabet when you write”. The films of Lars von Trier show that he has had many influences in crafting and producing his films. The given quote helps to understand his approach to film and how he adapts film language, and even creates his own, in order to delivery an intended message to the audience. To be able to understand what is impressive able von Trier’s approach to films and what makes him an Autuer director, we need to be able to understand his influences, which are wide and extensive, so as to be able to comprehend their impact on his style of directing and the structural, technological and thematic explorations in his films. Von Trier was known to be more consistent as a director than he was with his visual style. The very fact that he played a pioneer of the Dogme 95 cinematic movement is illustrative of von Trier’s adaptability as a filmmaker, but also that he treats film not as a strict and fixed form of expression but rather as a form of art-making, one that could be shaped according to the changing times. What I think is most impressive about von Trier as a director are the themes that he explores in his films and the ways in which he seeks to express these themes. While he is greatly influenced by many of the philosophies held by filmmakers and non-filmmakers alike, it is the way in which he applies them which is can be described as being “authentic”. Indeed, the idea of authenticity is very important to von Trier. This is best reflected in the relationships that he cultivates with the actresses in Dancer in the Dark and Dogville. At the same time, von Trier seems to use his understanding of the beliefs and philosophies of other cinematic and non-cinematic figures

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