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Kirby Chao “The Path of the Warrior,” written by Larry Jetmore is a guide to ethical behavior andpersonal and professional development. This is a book that was written so that police officers or students looking forward to a career in law enforcement can properly deal with ethical dilemmas in both their work and personal lives. The everyday life of a law enforcement officer is filled with ethical issues and decisions and because of the sensitive nature of their job, these particular individuals are more susceptible to moral conflicts, social isolation, post-traumatic stress, and deteriorating mental stability. However, though this book discusses ethical problems and solutions, there are issues that I agree and disagree with.…show more content…
Even though self-discipline applies to all aspects of life, I believe that it holds more weight for a law enforcement officer. It requires self-discipline to always show up for your shift on time and ready. It requires self-discipline to not engage a citizen in argument if they are displeased with you rightfully towing their car. It requires self-discipline to reason and understand the situation before discharging your firearm. The point is that, self-discipline is important when it comes to policing and enforcing the…show more content…
Having a pure heart is a given for any person. Everyone is born with a pure heart of innocence and how we are raised greatly effects how we develop as adults. Police officers should have a pure heart because their jobs require them to act swiftly and seriously, so their judgment must never be clouded by temptations that seep into our hearts. Freedom of spirit is important for a warrior because they must be able to deal with problems and then get pass them. As a police officer, especially rookies, you will make mistakes, some are small and some can be big. You make a mistake on a report, which is small and correctable. You make a mistake in the field that is dangerous and your partner or a civilian might get hurt or even killed, that is an irreversible mistake. However, if you make a mistake that resulted in someone getting hurt, you must understand what went wrong and to learn from it, you must deal with it and get over it. Do not keep it inside of you and let it eat you up because eventually it will bother you so much that you might make another mistake. Being able to learn from mistakes or situations and then dealing with it and getting over it is important. Though it may not be accurate, that is how freedom of spirit should

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