Larry Ellison at Oracle Corp

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Organizational Behavior. Larry Ellison at Oracle Computer. I. Personal background Lawrence (Larry) Ellison was born in August 17, 1944 in New York City. His biological mother, Florence Spellman, was 19 years old when she gave birth to Larry Ellison. When Larry was nine month old Florence realized that she could not provide proper care for Larry and she gave him to her aunt Lilian Ellison. Lilian and Luis Ellison adopted Larry and raised him in a middle class neighborhood near Chicago. Larry Ellison’s adoptive mother was a warm and loving woman. In contrast, his adoptive father was a harsh and unsupportive man who often showed a lack of faith in his son’s abilities. Perhaps this influenced Larry Ellison’s personality and became one of the main factors for Ellison’s’ desire for success as a businessman. Larry Ellison’s academic career was undistinguished. In 1963 he enrolled at the University of Illinois but left when his mother died of cancer in 1965. Next year he enrolled as physics and mathematics major at the University of Chicago but again he left without graduating. Ellison later blamed his failure to complete his college education on his short attention span, lack of discipline, and lack of respect for authority. However his college experience was valuable in respect that he learned computer programming. He later started doing contract programming and discovered his passion. Larry Ellison moved to Berkeley, California in 1966. During next ten years he moves from one company to another. He mostly worked with computers, as a technician and a programmer. In 1975 he worked for a company called Omex where he and two of his colleagues were involved in developing a data-base for the CIA, code named “Oracle”. In 1977 he and his two colleagues co-found Software Development Laboratories which later was renamed to Oracle Corporation. Today Larry

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