Larkin's Early American Views Essay

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Although the habits of nineteenth century Americans generally differed from ours, some of our habits remain similar. Life in the states in the mid nineteenth century included the general manner in how people behaved, lack of sanitation, public punishment, change in sex life, and decrease in unhealthy habits. In the early nineteenth century, one could easily distinguish a farmer from a city-dweller. The slow, seasonal life of a farmer had become integrated into their daily routines and one could observe a farmers heavy and slouching movements. However, with a city-dweller, one could observe the face pace of their movements from their quicker pace of commerce. In addition, wealthy individuals could be seen with a different type of stride than poor people, where wealthy people could be observed taking strides with easy body carriage. Today, the same observations can be found in American citizens. Businessmen can be seen walking hurriedly down the streets of urban cities and wealthy individuals can be seen acting with an aura of smugness surrounding them. Lack of sanitation was an issue as well in the nineteenth century. Filth was thrown onto the streets, people were infested with bugs, and routine bathing was relatively unheard of until the mid-nineteenth century. Today, garbage is disposed of in waste bins and collected routinely by the garbage company, although there remains a large majority of Americans who carelessly throw their trash on the ground. In addition, Americans today are usually well-bathed and clean, unlike the conditions back two centuries ago. Running water makes regular bathing efficient and flush-toilets keep human waste separate from people. Back in the nineteenth century, a passerby may have been fouled by another person’s disposal of filth out the window. Today, this type of incident would be unheard of in America. Back
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