Laredo Culture

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The Life in the border town, Laredo Texas, is quite intresting , many kinds of people cross the bordertown from different places. We learn new customs from each person. The culture in Laredo is mostly part of the mexican culture. We live in the bordertown and from different places. We learn new customs from each person. The culture in Laredo is mostly Mexican, since we live in the border many customs from mexico cross to the united states. They are many intresting places in Laredo. We have the famous churches. In one of them my great grandfather helped build it many years ago back in 1917, a beautiful rock wall aswell the one that is located west downtown near the bank. I was boen and raised her in Laredo. Laredo has a very strange weather forcasst, its always very cold od sometimes its hot boiling outside, but besides the chaos…show more content…
My great grandparents have passed us down many traditions and customs, Like every weekend most of my familiy get all together at my grandparents house and we have cookouts, each and every member of the family takes a different dish of food. Laredo has many food festivals aswell, like The Jalapeno Festival, The Menudo bowl festival, The Fajita Festival, and The Best Foods in laredo Festival. One of my favorite festivals in laredo are The WBCA (Washington Birthday Celebration Assosiation) Festival , because the carnival comes, the parade, the firework extravaganza in the l.i.f.e. downs, and a huge festival downtown with many games and food. There are some additonal festivals which are the Jamboozie Festival, which is a mardigras party, the Fire festival which the people gather together and enjoy the entertainment of many kind of tejano bands play. The Mexican Independence Festival happens every year near downtown, because in downtown is where the bridges and everything in the border is. Most of Laredo’s Traditions are Mexican, most of the pepople that live in Laredo are Hispanic, or

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