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The San Agustin Cathedral The San Agustin Roman Catholic Cathedral is a long-standing well-known building located in a south Texas border town named Laredo. This city was founded in 1755 by Don Tomas, and is one of the oldest cities in the state. San Agustin Roman Catholic Church, one of the most prominent buildings in the district, was established in 1778. As you walk into the San Agustin Cathedral you are filled with an agglomeration of sights, sounds, scents, tastes, and tactile stimuli. A cross and a priest are not the only things a person can find at a church, especially not at the San Agustin Church. There may be a funeral filling the cathedral with mourning people, exemplifying its gothic look, while consoling the grieving people that have lost a very important person to them. One could witness the well-known clear casket where an image of God is laying tranquilly inside, rather than being there for a depressing reason. Despite its age, the cathedral stands tall and majestic, a symbol of Catholic faith and a testament to the test of time. Though it is known for being the oldest church in Laredo, the inside is still as gorgeous as it was 234 years ago. All the windows have the traditional gothic shape with beautiful stained glass located between structural bays of its masonry walls. The way a teenager dresses to express their personality through their appearance is the way this church was built: in a grunge, yet extremely extravagant manner; it has its own personality. San Agustin Church is a Gothic Revival structure with a five-story 141 ft. bell/clock tower that is the 2nd tallest building in Laredo. The bell isn’t too loud or low, but it gives off a very sad vibe and inspires goose bumps and thoughts of death. It’s hard for a person who doesn’t really attend church more often than others to hear the bell ring and not think about a funeral,

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