Lanzhou Lamian in the U.S Market

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Lanzhou Lamian in the U.S Market Country Name: The U.S Product Name: Lanzhou Lamian (noodles) Section No.: 2012 IMBA Executive Summary –Understanding the Culture The United States’ culture is a mixed society of all races, ethnicities, and subcultures. It is the world’s 3rd largest in both size and population. Therefore, the U.S. is a culture with abundant needs and wants. Food is one of those needs. Starting Lanzhou Lamian in San Francisco, California must take into consideration different cultural aspects of America. The following report gives detailed information about various aspects of American culture. However, the major areas of focus are the religious, dietary, and recreational sections of the report. Religion in the United States is a tricky topic. Although a majority of Americans are religious they do not like to have other religions imposed on them. Also, more than 16% of Americans have no religious belief. Therefore, when dealing with restaurants in the U.S. it is best not to use religion as a marketing strategy. In addition, Lanzhou Lamian is a Muslim franchise. Since 9/11, there is some resentment towards Muslims and people of Middle East ethnicity. This is critical as Lanzhou Lamian will not be able to pride itself in being Muslim orientated if it wants to include all people residing in the U.S. Diet and nutrition in the United States is another important aspect in the restaurant industry. Americans have followed a non-carbohydrate fad which has led to a decrease in the consumption of processed grains. Restaurants are catering to this need by offering whole wheat options for grain products such as rice, pasta, and breads. This means that Lanzhou Lamian will also have to offer different options for all dietary needs. Also, Americans like all kinds of meats, especially chicken, beef, and pork. Some also prefer

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