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„One language spoken worldwide would lead to better international relations.” Discuss. It is impossible to imagine international relations without communication, as well as communication separated from language, which is considered to be one of the most significant communication codes. It is though that establishing one world-language will reduce misunderstanding and therefore increase profit. However, elimination of other languages will lead to the disappearance of many national traits. Is the game worth the candle then? First, it should be admitted that each nation has its own history, culture and language, which distinguish it from several others. Language code illustrates the way of people’s thinking and understanding reality. Refusing your own language in favor of one using worldwide means forgetting your history and traits in order to follow some “multinational” ones. On the other hand, it may be argued, that globalization have already united different nations all together. It seems like all the people regardless of their religion or traditions consume the same products, watch the same movies, etc. From this point of view, one world-language is a natural extension of human integration, which, in addition, will provide better communication and understanding, because the problem of translation will disappear. However, it is claimed that today’s world is better characterized by the word “cosmopolitism”, which means integration but with the maintenance of specific cultural features. This can be also proved by the fact that all the previous attempts to create an international language have failed. Even though it is undoubtedly beneficial, because we will no longer need to learn languages and learn something else instead. Taking all into consideration, it should be concluded, that while the idea of one language seems reasonable and desirable people will

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