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The intricacy of language use is often misunderstood by native and proficient speakers, as they produce speech automatically, without comprehending the nature of their language use in various situations. What is language use as a construct? According to language therapist Dr. Graham Williamson, “language use refers to the reasons why people communicate […] how people both understand and choose from among alternative linguistic forms in order to reach their goals...” (Williamson, 2013). There are three components to language: content, form, and use, which contribute to language’s overall context (Bloom and Lahey, 1978). Use is divided into two elements: function and context (Lahey, 1988). Function is the reason why people communicate dependent on their communicative goal. Context is “how people both understand and choose from among alternative linguistic forms in order to reach the same (or different) goals” (Harris, 2008); done, the function, but there are a variety of ways to say or infer it, the context. Recent studies suggest that language use in different contexts reveals aspects of an individual’s personality. focus on the context aspect of language use in relation to personality and gender to explore the way in which an individual’s choice of expression in everyday language portrays individual’s characteristics, such as the Big Five Personality Traits. A standard approach to study word use in relation to personality is through the use of word count analyses. This counts word usage across pre-determined language categories. Strength to using word count for this type of study is it provides a straightforward basis for researchers to begin analysis and develops a picture of how individuals think by mapping out differences that correlate with various personality characteristics. Still, problems exist with word count analyses for . This is because multiple text

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