Language Techniques In Tim Winton's Short Story 'Big World'

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Year 12 YEAR 12 ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS- EXTERNAL FOLIO 1 ‘BIG WORLD’ BY TIM WINTON ANALYTICAL ESSAY Claudius Davies ‘’if Tim Winton’s aim in ‘Big world’ is to portray the experience of a teenager facing the transition to adulthood, how successful do you think the story is? To what extent do the language techniques and the stylistic features used by the writer contribute to the impact the story has on the reader?” The short story “Big World” is narrated by an unnamed young teenage boy who faces adulthood along with his best mate ‘Biggie’. He and Biggie are the essential characters in the story. Both of them have just finished their year 12 final exams, and they are about to be opened to the “Big World”. Due to the fact that they both failed their…show more content…
Similes, imagery and metaphors are used to create these powerful visual images for the reader. He does this by using descriptive words to create the image for the reader. An example of a simile on p.1: “The ending November arrives and leaves as abruptly as a spring storm”. By using this Winton creates a strong image in the reader’s mind of the final November arriving and leaving as abrupt as a spring storm. By comparing the month to a spring storm he creates a strong image in our minds. An example of a metaphor on p.6: “The sunlight is rich here”. This short metaphor that Winton uses gives the reader an idea of the way the sunlight looked by using the word rich to describe the image of the sunlight. An example of imagery on p.2 is: “there we are, Biggie and me, heading to work every morning in a freezing wind in the January of our new lives, still in jeans and boots and flannel shirts, with beanies on our heads and the horizon around our ears”. As we read this we as readers are able to place the image in our heads of how the narrator and Biggie looked like. All these language techniques and stylistic features help bring the story to

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