Language Teaching Methods Essay

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Q 8. Choose two or three methods of language teaching and discuss. Overview In this assignment I will emphasize on different approaches to language teaching. These methods I will discuss about include Grammar Translation Method, Direct Method, and Communicative Language Teaching. I will try to provide the description and different aspects of these language teaching methods. In addition I will emphasize on the benefits of these language teaching methods. The Grammar-Translation Method The Grammar-Translation Method was initially used to teach Latin and Greek. It was used by language teachers to help students read and understand foreign language. It was believed that students would have complete command of the grammar of their native language through the study of grammar of their target language and would help them speak and write better in their native language. Finally, it was thought that a) learning a foreign language would help students grow intellectually, and b) the mental exercise of learning would be beneficial although they would probably never use the target language. This Method just as the name suggests emphasizes on the teaching of second language grammar. Language learners are passive in language learning and teachers are regarded as an authority or it is a teacher-centered model. This method was widely used in the 19th century in Europe. This method teaches learners in grammar and supplies terminology with direct interpretations. According to Richards, the grammar translation method emphasizes on remembering the rules used in a foreign language. These rules are used to convey their view and aptitude to grasp the comments and evaluating the text which they have read. The key advantage of this method is that the native language is maintained as the main discussion. The interpretation to the second language allows the student to identify
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