Language Styles Essay

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Does Our Language Styles Define Us? Tyana Ingram COM200: Interpersonal Communication August 10, 2011 Communication is a very vital key to our existence in the world, and without this simple skill, people would not be able to survive. In the article, “Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Relationships,” the author, Bruce Bower implies that friendships will last longer if the language style between both individuals is the same, and the bond between two individuals will become stronger if their language styles match. “Romantic ties may indeed benefit from matching conversational styles, comments psychologist Simon Garrod of the University of Glasgow in Scotland” (Bower, 2010). An experiment was conducted with forty speed daters who all displayed the same frequency of function words when they conversed, and were four times as likely to express mutual interest in dating after the encounter as pairs whose speaking styles differed (Bower, 2010). I do not think that if one’s language styles match then they will be a match, or have a stronger relationship or bond between them. I do not think that they Language Style Matching program was accurate when it rated my conversational email between myself, and a past Ashford University professor that I had. The Language Style Matching program scored my relationship status with her as a one. When I read the feedback, it described my conversational relationship as above average compared to others who scored between .75 and .95, with an average around .84. The feedback did suggest that the reason why my score was lower then I thought it would be was because of the methods in which you choose to have a conversation, can either lower or higher your ratings. The email was written just as we write in the classroom setting and not written as a friendly type of email like the one I would write to my friends, but it did say
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