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AKO Due: 2nd May Ako Portfolio: Assess Pacific ECE children’s learning PART 1: REFLECTION (2 PAGES). Examination defines: Role Assessment role in the early childhood setting contributes in attaining values and goals of the participants. This includes the Ministry of education (MOE), Centre’s philosophy, policies, management, educators, parents/ families and their children with their respective community. Assessing of children’s learning and development enable adults (educators, parents/ families and the community) to evaluate proposed programmes. Te Whāriki (MOE, 1996) point out the important of assessing children’s learning and development as a part of the information needed to evaluate the programme. “Assessment is a key component of quality teaching when it is used as a learning process to inform teaching and learning and improve student learning” MOE (2010, p. 10). The role of assessment in the early childhood settings is to scrutinize the operating and practices in the service are both aligning with the principles and values of the curriculum’s (Te Whariki) requirements. This includes but is not limited to the learning and development of children, educator’s performances and the whole services managing and its learning environment. The environment’s; * Safety * Routines, Policy and regulation’s applications * The learning resources and equipments * And adult’s responsiveness Purpose This is to recognise that the service is providing for the holistic (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual) learning and development of the children. Te Whariki stated that the purpose of the assessment is to give useful information about children’s learning and development to the adults providing the programme and to the children and their families (p. 29). Again Te Whariki clearly described that the purpose for the assessment will be a

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