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Language Is No Barriers If One Wishes to Communicate Essay

  • Submitted by: yongkialeksander
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Language Is No Barriers If One Wishes to Communicate" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Yongki Aleksander

Language is no obstacle if one wishes to communicate
The phenomenon of Communication is concerned with transfer of message. The message should reach the Receiver in order to gain a proper Feedback. However, since no two people are the same, communication style varies from person to person and in a broad perspective, from organization to organization, country to country, or culture to culture. Each person’s mind is a unique filter. The problems in Communication occur when the Communicator’s filters are sharply different. These problems are called Barriers as they hinder the smooth process of communication.
We have different kinds of languages in this world but language is not a reason for failure to communicate. The problem is when nobody wishes to initiate communication. When a person desires to communicate, many problems are averted.
There are more languages than spoken ones. One type of language that we often use unknowingly is body language.   Body language is a form of communication that requires no writing or sound to get across things that you think and feel, but it actually accounts for more than 60% of interpretative language.   People may be totally unaware of the fact that they are communicating a feeling or an idea without actually saying it. Body language varies with culture and location.   In Indonesia, it is an act of respect through body language to bow a head to an elder or teacher as a show of respect.   This is a silent language that helps communicate respect and honor.  
  There is another facet of communication.   Countries that border one another can have different languages, but similar cultures and cross-over words that make communication possible just because of regional similarities.  
    In essence, communication is a mixture of learned words, experiences, region, voice inflection, and body language.   With so many tools to communicate effectively, language in of itself should never form a insurmountable barrier to...

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