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Language is Communication ; Discuss This essay will attempt to explore different points of view of the leading thinkers on language use. What is Language : Sounds , Symbols , a complex system, speech, writing. What’s it for : communication, control,socialization,thoughts and feelings. Language is to transmit information: There are six ways to transmit communication through language Written , spoken , reading, listening, and to see sign language or/ and body language . Are we as humans uniquely evolving alone in the ability to communicate with a language? Do animals have a language of their own? (bees dance). Is grammar essential to language and did it come before words and thought, to transfer our perceptions to another? Why do we communicate and how? What is language? Human communication is grounded in fundamentally cooperative, even shared, intentions. In this original and provocative account of the evolutionary origins of human communication, Michael Tomasello connects the fundamentally cooperative structure of human communication (initially discovered by Paul Grice) to the especially cooperative structure of human (as opposed to other primate) social interaction. Tomasello argues that human cooperative communication rests on a psychological infrastructure of shared intentionality (joint attention, common ground), evolved originally for collaboration and culture more generally. The basic motives of the infrastructure are helping and sharing: humans communicate to request help, inform others of things helpfully,  and share attitudes as a way of bonding within the cultural group. These cooperative motives each created different functional pressures for conventionalizing grammatical constructions. Requesting help in the immediate you-and-me and here-and-now, for example, required very little grammar, but informing and sharing required increasingly

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