Language Impairment in Children with Autism

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The present topic is to explore Language Impairment in children with Autism. This project will reflect on my own personal experience of working as a paraprofessional for the Board of Education, with children who have special needs. My topic relates to the course content in terms of developmental disorders linked to language impairment. Throughout my Life Arts Project I will describe what methods can be used to assist used to assist children with language impairment in order to build speech, and compare and contrast the effects of interventions. The method I chose to use is a case study on a student of mine as well, as literature review. In my oral presentation, I will present my results. I am a paraprofessional for the Board Of Education for the past five years. Prior to me being hired permanently I was a substitute paraprofessional for a year, upon entering this field of work I was not fully aware of what my job entailed, except for the fact that I would be working with kids. It wasn't until my first assignment as a substitute that I realized that my job was a lot more complex than just "keeping an eye" on children, and not just any children, but children with disabilities. As a substitute I encountered children of which were emotionally disturbed, autistic, and everything else in between. I developed more of a special interest in children with autism after being asked to fill a vacancy at the site in which I currently work. My site consists of two units: ED unit (emotionally disturbed) and ALT ASSESS (alternate assessment). Throughout the regular school year I'm assigned to the alternate assessment unit, in a class consisting of six students, one classroom teacher, and two paraprofessionals (6:1:1). Over the years I have came across many students who are at different ends of the autism spectrum. What I found to be a common denominator of autism is impairment of
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