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Zhu 1 Jay RHET 110-08 Veronica Andrew Due: Sep.24th 2011 Language For What “Not waste money that way.” This statement, which is full of grammar errors, is from Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue. I think most of the people do understand the meaning of this statement. Now, it produced a problem: Why do we have to say something, and always think of grammar? In Tan’s Mother Tongue, she successfully uses evidences to proved “As a language, it’s for communication, not for look or what. So why do we have to follow the grammar rules if we do understand the people actually talk about?” Tan's observations in her essay are very clear and convincing. Language is for understand others. Chinese-American writer Amy Tan wrote an article entitled “Mother Tongue” in 1980s. The text says, a long time, she uses two Englishs. One is learned from school and books, which is for writing and speaking, Standard English. The other one is for communication at home with mother, Family English. And Tan thinks her mother’s English is dynamic, straightforward, and both observation and imagination are rich enough. Also because of this kind language, it helps Tan to form the ways of expression and observation of things. And help her understand the world. However, the inherent limitations of immigrants are also evident. To this end, of course, she eats a lot od her own loss—department stores, restaurants and banks do not regard her words, and do not provide good service to her. They are pretending to not understand, or even the excuse that did not hear what she said. Tan’s essay also clearly shows just how people use the language, and how English is used quite differently in different situations. In Tan’s essay, she uses the form of English which is comfortable and broken with her mother and her husband.
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