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In my short essay I will write about how 9/11 effected a lot people during the year 2001. It will reflect in three different poems that I have read regarding the day the world stood still. My first poem is written by Lucille Clifton (between pg.906-907) titled Tuesday 9/11/01, Emily Dickinson (pg.926) titled I died for beauty--but was scarce and another poem by John Donney (pg.1100) titled Death, be not proud. These three poems will speak exactly of how I feel it reflected on the community and how it not only affected the community but how it affected the whole world. On the day that 9/11 came I remember that day very well just like it was yesterday, I was getting my children ready for school and myself ready for my first day at work with my new job. I was so caught up in running around and getting everything situated before I left I never took the time to watch the morning news like I always do. Well we were on our way to my children’s school to drop them off and I heard it on the morning news on the radio that we had two of our planes that crashed into the twin towers in New York city and there were hundreds of people that were in the buildings including women, children and man in the towers and on the planes that may have not made it safe and out of harm’s way. So when I got to my friends house to drop my children off with her because school was cancelled I was watching it on the television and I remembered seeing people bleeding, yelling, screaming, jumping out of the windows that was almost a hundred feet high and dying on contact, I was so shocked I didn't know what I was feeling at the time so here is where my first poem comes into play by Lucille Clifton (between pg.906-907) Tuesday 9/11/01. "Thunder and lightning and our world is another place. No day will ever be the same. No blood untouched and God has blessed America to learn that no one is exempt the

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