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Phases of Therapeutic Communication: 1. Orientation Phase – introductory • introducing your selves • Confidentiality – setting up the trust relationship 2. Working Phase • Identification of problems – needs to be done in a very caring manner, need to explore thoughts and feelings using such tools as: • Empathetic listening • Respect • Genuineness • Concreteness – assist client to be specific • Problem solving – working with the client to come up with a plan , and then taking action 3. Resolution Phase • Problems resolve. • Relationship ends – may be difficult as real bonds can form Key Components of a Therapeutic Relationship • Trust • Empathy • Caring • Mutuality Trust: is the belief that other people will provide help in time of need and distress. • To foster trust, the nurse acts consistently, reliably, and competently. • Without trust, the nurse-client relationship does not progress beyond social interaction and tends only to superficial needs. Empathy: objective awareness or insight into the feelings, emotions and behaviour of another person, their meaning and significance. • It is an essential part of the nurse client relationship. • Sympathy: an expression of one’s own feelings about another person’s situation. Caring: having a positive regard for another person. • It is basic to a relationship. Nurses show caring by accepting clients for who they are and respecting them as individuals. Caring also promotes trust and decreases anxiety. Mutuality: involves sharing with another. • The nurse and client work as a team participating in care Barriers to Therapeutic Communication Lack of Rapport: Interpersonal harmony characterized by understanding and respect is not present. Lack of Empathy: Inability to experience, in the present, the situation as another did at some time in the past Inappropriate Boundaries: Inability to define

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