Language Arts Compliance Team Analysis

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I'm so glad to have you as the district's new compliance officer, and I'm excited that you will be working with the Kelsey Elementary school! One of your most pressing issues here at the school is Language Arts Compliance team, which you will lead. The school didn't achieve the required scores this year. The team is stuck, and I need you help them. Here is a list of team members I recommend reviewing the information 1. Mrs. Matthew kindergarten teacher 2. Mrs. Lucero 1st grade 3. Mr. Simms 2nd grade 4. Miss Corley 3rd grade 5. Mrs. Goins 4th grade 6. Dr. Wilt 5th grade Then you have a moderator until now we had a meeting for the team and it was very contentious. This is the fourth consecutive meeting that Mrs. Goins has missed,…show more content…
Therefore, a team was established to brainstorm and formulate a plan on how to remedy the problem in hopes to bring the scores up for the following year. As the new district Compliance Officer, I have been asked to lead the Language Arts Compliance Team and find solutions for the low scores received on the standardized tests. There are six members on the Language Arts Compliance Team. Each member represents a different grade level. Kindergarten through fifth grade are represented on the team, we also have one moderator. There have been four meetings so far and the fourth grade team member has not shown for any of those meetings. The rest of the team members have nothing but criticism to say about their fourth grade team member. The Kindergarten and second grade team members feel the importance of early childhood learning and want to bring in the real world into the children’s play world. While the fifth and third grade team members feel this method is beyond the first and second grade children. Our first and fifth grade team members are adamant about encouragement and involvement in the classroom; however, the approaches are different. Our fifth grade team member feels his approach is the best while the first grade team member lacks confidence in hers. The third grade team member reminds the team on a continual basis that the team needs to set high standards and expectations for the children, however, the rest of the team feels her approach is unsympathetic and unreasonable, leading into name calling and the meeting ending with no

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