Language and Identity Essay

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Language can be inextricably tied to identity, and it can also be disentangled. People in Texas can change and speak like people from California or New Orleans. In some cases the way people speak can identify them. But it can also be a misconception. Someone who speaks ‘ghetto” could have a huge house and lots of money with a degree in anything they want. They don’t necessarly have to live in a ghetto or act of such. There are people who speak correctly and live in rural or urban areas, and that doesn’t describe or identify who they are as a person, and who they are inside. The sterotype that when blacks talk proper it is considered as “talking white,” is not a fact. There is no such thing as talking “white” or “black,” its about what you choose to do. It can also have a lot to do with where the person comes from, and what type of environment they live or was raised in. someone raised in a majority black neighborhood could be white, and “act black,” because of their environment. In most cases people change themselves, or language and the way they speak to be accepted. A white man/women that tries to “talk black” may want to be accepted as both races. If there was someone walking down a street, yelling and screaming and cursing, but was speaking proper or correct English. What type of “talking” would that be considered? Language can disentangled, but it wouldn’t be easy to change the way you speak, or who you are. Language can be tied to a persons identity. Once on America’s Next Top Model, there was a young lady by the name of Danielle. She was from Little Rock, Arkansas, with a very funny accent. She sounded like a cowboy. Tyra Banks and the pannel tried lots of things to help her make her speech better. But nothing worked. No matter what she did or how hard she’d tried, she couldn’t make her accent go away. This just goes to show that after, you’ve done
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